Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lure Coursing

I traveled out for my first weekend of Lure Coursing and, of course, my dogs did not disappoint.  I took 4 adults with me down to Peyton CO, a 3 hour drive each way both Saturday and Sunday.  Gusto and his family met me there as well.  All the dogs ran 2 Legs and on Saturday and finished their titles with their third leg on Sunday.

So with New Coursing Ability Titles (CA) are:

MBISS GCH WindyPine's Fully Loaded RN, CA, CGC aka "Greeny"
GCH WindyPine's Xerxes CA, CGC aka "Xerxes"
GCH WindyPine's Sure Shot RN, CA, CGC aka "Baim"
WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches CA aka "Gusto"
WindyPine's Still the One RN, CA aka "Nia"

We can't wait to do even more coursing with our dogs as they absolutely loved it.

Photos coming soon.