Sunday, October 26, 2014

A weekend of Lure Coursing

We had a great time Lure Coursing in Greeley Colorado this weekend, hanging with a horde of corsi and quite a few of our own.  Some photos from the event.  Thanks to Jennifer, Shannon and Matthew for all the pictures!!

From Left to Right
WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches, Epic's Diesel of CastleGuard, WindyPine Sure Shot, WindyPine's Build a Bear, Avalanches Bacchus, WindyPine's Fully Loaded, WindyPine's Still the One, WindyPine's Secret Agent & WindyPine's Xerxes












NIA - 


Monday, August 25, 2014

Confirmed Breeding

Confirmed by Ultrasound

We are expecting puppies around the week of September 28th out of CH WindyPine's Still the One RN, CA, CGC and GCH CH WindyPine's Xerxes CA, CGC.

We are accepting a limited number of additional deposits at this time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Health Testing Results

We took Teddie and Gusto in for their PennHips on Saturday and thanks to a great vet, Dr. Heather Steyn at Advanced Animal Care of Colorado and quick services at Pennhip we already have results:

WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches .36/.30 >90th Percentile
WindyPine's Build a Bear .57/.53 60th Percentile

Both are great results for the breed and great to see out of littermates.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


We are expecting a variety of colors, excellent health and temperaments.

Please email or call for more information 517-896-1417

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Way to go Wally!

Another GCH CH WindyPine's Xerxes CA son with 80th percentile hips.

CH PrideNJoyz No Autographs Please

Congrats to Wally's breeder Kristen Sauers of PridenJoyz Cane Corso.

We are very happy with what Xerxes has been producing for us and we look forward to seeing what he produces in the future.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Flatiron Kennel Club

This weekend Gusto showed at Flatirons Kennel Club show in Longmont, CO. 

Saturday 5/31/2014 - WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches CA WD, BOW - 1 point
Sunday 6/1/2014 - WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches CA WD, BOW - 1 point

At 14 months old New AKC Champion WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches CA *pending official AKC confirmation

I am very proud of this boy and can't wait to see all he accomplishes.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Laramie Kennel Club

Last weekend we showed at the Laramie Kennel Club shows, the dogs did great, not only did they do well in the ring but they were great ambassador of the breed outside the ring.

Results for our dogs:
Sunday 5/25/2014
WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches CA - BOW, WD - 3 Point Major
WindyPine's Still the One RN, CA - WB - 3 point major

Monday 5/26/2014
WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches CA - BOW, WD - 3 point Major
WindyPine's Still the One RN, CA - BOS, WB - 3 point major


Gusto is now a couple of points shy of his AKC Championship.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Durango Kennel Club

Congrats to WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches CA aka Gusto on winning Best of Breed all 3 days from the classes against a special 2 of the 3 days in Durango, Colorado last weekend.  He is a lovely boy with not only amazing looks but a temperament that absolutely superb.

Thank you to his awesome handler Kristen Read of Mountain Grown Kennels and of course his co-owners Nancy and Dick Savidge for all the hard work they have done with this special boy. 

He is just over a year old and about half way to his Championship now and surely will finish with ease.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lure Coursing

I traveled out for my first weekend of Lure Coursing and, of course, my dogs did not disappoint.  I took 4 adults with me down to Peyton CO, a 3 hour drive each way both Saturday and Sunday.  Gusto and his family met me there as well.  All the dogs ran 2 Legs and on Saturday and finished their titles with their third leg on Sunday.

So with New Coursing Ability Titles (CA) are:

MBISS GCH WindyPine's Fully Loaded RN, CA, CGC aka "Greeny"
GCH WindyPine's Xerxes CA, CGC aka "Xerxes"
GCH WindyPine's Sure Shot RN, CA, CGC aka "Baim"
WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches CA aka "Gusto"
WindyPine's Still the One RN, CA aka "Nia"

We can't wait to do even more coursing with our dogs as they absolutely loved it.

Photos coming soon.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 Rocky Mountain Cluster

We always have a great time at the big Denver show, not only showing off our dogs but seeing our friends and introducing our dogs to a lot of the general public and this year was no exception.  We walked away with some big wins against some very strong competition.

Our results from the Weekend:

Thursday 02/13/2014
WindyPine's Big Noise RWD
WindyPine's Still the One WB, BOW, BOS and BBE GRP 4

Friday 02/14/2014
WindyPine's Big Noise WD
WindyPine's Still the One RWB

Saturday 02/15/2014
WindyPine's Fully Loaded BOB
WindyPine's Big Noise WD, BOW, BBE
WindyPine's Still the One RWB

Sunday 02/16/2014
WindyPine's Big Noise WD, BOW *NEW AKC CHAMPION*
WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches RWD
WindyPine's Still the One WB

Monday 02/17/2014
WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches RWD
WindyPine's Still the One WB

WindyPine's Big Noise finished his AKC Championship in one weekend with 3-5 point majors having never shown before.  WindyPine's Still the One is still a few points shy of her Championship, but did finish her Rally Novice Title.  WindyPine's Batten Down the Hatches made his AKC Debut and I couldn't have been more proud of him, he is truly an ambassador of the breed and I can't wait for him to grow up.

Thanks to Jennifer Saunders for the awesome photos from the show!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Bruno is still looking for his forever home.

Here is a short video of Bruno, he would make a great addition to almost any home.  He is well socialized, fully vaccinated, crate trained.